Military Industries Sector in the Kingdom


Military Industries Sector Development in the Kingdom

GAMI’s work focuses on:

  • Developing policies, strategies, laws and regulations for the defense sector;
  • Regulating military acquisition processes for the military and security entities in the Kingdom;
  • Issuing  industrial licenses for public and private sector companies, both local and international;
  • Aligning with research centers and universities inside and outside of the Kingdom as well as Contributing to the establishment of new research centers; 
  • Incentivizing the development of military industries, supporting local manufacturers and contributing to their growth.

Our focus is centered on the goal of localizing more than 50% of military expenditure over the next decade in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Investor Guide

GAMI has issued an "Investor Guide" providing details on our world-class services to investors in the military industries in the Kingdom.



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